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Juneteenth Virtual 5k

Why We Do it

Last year we committed to running a 5k each month. Once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we knew we would need to switch things up to hit our goal. We googled some virtual runs to do and we also created a couple as well, which is where this run got its start. It seemed like there was a virtual 5k for just about anything you could think of, but there were not many that represented we created one!

The Juneteenth Virtual 5k Run/Walk was birthed from the desire to not only stay physical fit, but to fuel our minds with knowledge and education of not only our culture but also our country and history. 47 states currently observe Juneteenth as a holiday. This 5k is to pay homage to a Holiday that all Americans should celebrate because it is American History.

Join us on this virtual 5k journey.

To learn more about Juneteenth, see the link attached for a bit more info: 

Virtual 5K: About


Thank you to everyone who participated in this year's Juneteenth Virtual 5k!  We completely sold out with participants in 23 different states.  hopefully you took time out to not only focus on your wellness goals, but to also take a moment and reflect on what an important holiday Juneteenth is.  Always remember, Black history IS American history.

Virtual 5K: Image
Virtual 5K: Pro Gallery
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