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About Us

Butter Cree'm is an all natural, hand crafted whipped body butter.  She got her start out of my kitchen in 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.  She was born in the midst of having the time to create something new, while also having a desire to educate and inspire people in an unprecedented time.

Butter Cree'm was developed at a time in our journey to sustain a healthy lifestyle.  Our commitment to both physical and mental well being is woven throughout the pages of this website and can be felt in every product promoted on our site.  From our Juneteenth virtual 5k to the meaning behind our logo to the development of our product, we are passionate about this thing.

Each of the fragrances are are named after influential women of color and each one has a personality of their own. Hope you enjoy and learn a little in the process.

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Our Team

Who We Are

Cree Harris

Butter Cree'm Founder

Cree Harris is the founder and creator of Butter Cree'm. What started as a small project slowly grew into a larger demand. She funded the entire start-up costs herself because she believed that much in the products success.  As the founder, she works to ensure that countless clients receive exactly what they need and are completely satisfied.

Fun Butter Cree'm Fact: She is a bit clumsy and jokes about it 'coming out of her paycheck' when she makes a mess in the kitchen 😊

Ashley James

Butter Cree'm Team Member

Since joining Butter Cree'm, Ashley James has played a crucial role in the continued success of the company. Her continued dedication to the success of the product by helping make, package, label and promote the business  has inspired steady growth.  She is an essential part of the team and has been with Butter Cree'm since inception.

Fun Butter Cree'm Fact: She helped come up with the name that you have come to know and love and would prefer to be hidden and be called a Professional Tester 😊 

About: Team
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